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Zoosemiotics and Animal Representations, Estonsko

deadline: 15.9.2010

datum konání: 4-8. 4. 2011



Hoping that you might find it of interest we remind you of the conference "Zoosemiotics and Animal Representations" to be held in Tartu, Estonia on 4-8 April 2011. Our aim is to bring together scholars studying different aspects of semiotics of animals, animal representations, animal communication and zoosemiotics. Please find attached the conference CFP.

The deadline for the abstracts is 15 September 2010.To submit a proposal, interested scholars should e-mail an abstract (300-600 words) and a bio-note (less than 100 words) to the address The abstract and bio-note should be sent together in one file (.doc or .rtf) attached to the e-mail.


Animal Minds, Indiana, USA

deadline: 30. 9. 2010

datum konání: 22-26. 6. 2011



Literary, cultural, scientific, media studies, or other approaches to the notion of non-human animal “mind,” including but not limited to animal consciousness and subjectivity; animal “voices” and literary ventriloquism; animal narrators; animal communication or emotion; concepts of animal souls, afterlife, etc. Please email a 300-word abstract and a brief bio by September 30



Non-human in anthropology, ČR

deadline: 25. 10. 2010

datum konání: 4.-5. 12. 2010


Anthropologists as well as scholars from a wide range of other disciplines of humanities, social, historical or environmental sciences are cordially welcome to participate. The conference is international, thus scholars from Central European region as well as beyond are encouraged to apply.


The aim of the conference is to create an intellectually stimulating environment for debate about the non-human of (social) science research. Thus the working language of the conference is English.



Conference for Critical Animal Studies, Evropa, USA 

deadline: zatím není znám /ohlídat!/

datum konání: duben - květen 2011











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